Winches for Hamersley Iron, Yandi Sustaining Project

Project Ref: 70035
Client: Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd
Project: Yandi Sustaining Project
Rio Tinto, Iron Ore Expansion Project

Supply 2 x 7t, 2 x 10t, 3 x 5.8t, 1 x 8t, and 1 x 8.1t Take-up Winches & sheaves


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Winches Description

Each conveyor take-up winch is supplied as a fully assembled unit which consists of winch frame, rope drum, electric motor, motor brake, pawl system, slew bearing and planetary gear. The wire rope is also part of the winch and supplied loose. Each unit mounted on a single winch frame suitable for bolting either onto a concrete plinth and subsequent grouting or onto a steel structure.

The winch frame incorporates with sheaves and an anchor point for the wire rope. Each conveyor take-up winch will act on the associated take-up pulley trolley via a sheaved cable system. The winch motor is a 3 Phase 415 V Squirrel cage induction motor, and includes an electro magnetic brake. The Local Control Station provides access to control the winch assembly.


  • The Take up winch is powered by its geared electric brake motor.
  • The Take up winch includes a grooved spiral cut drum for accurate location of rope during operations.
  • The Take up winch includes a Electromagnetic Fast acting Fail safe High speed Brake, which acts directly on the NDE of the winch Motor.
  • The take up winch includes a Pawl Lock Mechanism with limit switch interlocks. This allows the drum to be locked mechanically. This can be used to support the load during normal operation in conjunction with High Speed Brake.
  • The drive is designed as single speed system, with full torque available at 50Hz
  • The drive has a modular construction of motor and gear unit to enable easy replacement.
  • Winch overload is evaluated by the actual current feedback and prevents raise and/or hauling operation.
  • The Take-up winch is controlled locally at the winch LCS / motor control cubicle.
  • The single-drum, single rope take up winch is manufactured to be a robust long-term take up winch.
  • The take up winch is supplied by a 3 phase + N Supply. It can be operated locally without the plant control system.
  • The take up winch fitted with slew bearing to allow drive unit removable without lowering take up mass.



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