Eilbeck Winches for Caval Ridge Project

Project Ref: 70003
Client: BM Alliance Coal Operations Pty Ltd.
Project: Caval Ridge Project

13 off Winches capacity from 3.5 to 19.4 tonne line pull

86 off Sheaves ranging from 400 mm to 630 mm

3 off Tramp Magnet Hoists

4 off Maintenance Hoists


Eilbeck Cranes has successfully won another winch coal project for BMA through Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd, who has recognised Eilbeck Winches to be far superior with the added advantage of the winches be engineered exactly to the client specification and the arduous site demands.


Caval Ridge Mine has been identified as a quality hard cooking coal resource to support BMA’s growth plans. The proposed mine is located in the northern section of the Bowen Basin, southeast of Moranbah. The project includes a new coal mine and a coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP).


The new Caval Ridge Mine CHPP will also process an additional 2.5 million tonnes annually of product coal from the expansion of the neighbouring Peak Downs Mine, which will be transported via conveyor which will have Winches supplied by Eilbeck Crane used to tension the belts.


Eilbeck Cranes contract comprises of 13 off Winches ranging in capacity from 3.5 to 19.4 tonne line pull, 86 off Sheaves ranging from 400 mm to 630 mm, 3 off Tramp magnet hoists, 4 off Maintenance Hoists.


Eilbeck Winches come with a variety of option of slack rope devises, rotary limit in S/S 316 IP65 enclosures, pawl locking device with indicator limits.


A special option is a slew bearing where the drum is fully supported at both ends allowing the winch gear motor to be removed leaving the conveyor in an fully operational function, whilst the gear motor is removed for service or a major Overhaul.

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Last item for the Caval Ridge Project manufactured at Eilbeck Lancaster Winch & Service facility was the Tramp Magnet Hoist Trolley.