11t & 13.5t Take-up Winches and 630mm Sheave Blocks

Project Ref: 70054
Client: RCR Resources Pty Ltd
Project: West Angelas Deposit B Project

2 x 11t & 1 x 13.5t Take Up Winches
18 x 630mm Sheaves (6 for each winch)


Winch Operation

The Conveyor Take-Up Winch is required to maintain a tension in the associated conveyor belt. The Local Control Station provides access to control the winch assembly. The local control station enables the operator to drive the winch either in the forward or reverse direction. The winch will operate to increase or decrease the belt tension and this will be monitored by the local operator.

Winch Functional Description

The take-up winches are installed on the conveyor gravity take-up tower. The winch is attached to the termination point of the take-up roller tensioning system. The winch positions the take-up weight in the tower such that it can travel freely and is also used to adjust the position of the take-up weight as the belt adopts its permanent stretch. The winch is also used to lower the take-up weight removing tension from the conveyor belt for maintenance purposes. The winch is stationary unless operated manually.

The winch is designed to be operated between pre-set limits. Control of operation is carried out via push buttons located on the front of the winch control panel. To turn the winch ON the EMERGENCY STOP must be released, the rope must be under tension and the drum must not have travelled past the final limits. If these conditions are met the main contractor will be energized when the START button is depressed.

If one of the start up conditions change, the winch will turn OFF. Once the winch is turned ON the FORWARD and REVERSE buttons can be used to control the winch. The winch will not operate until the pawl lock is released. FORWARD and REVERSE motion are interlocked with the pawl limit lock switches.

Performance Features

  • The Take up winch is powered by its geared electric brake motor.
  • The Take up winch includes a groved spiral cut drum for accurate location of rope during operations.
  • The Take up winch includes a Electromagnetic Fast acting Fail safe High speed Brake, which acts directly on the NDE of the winch Motor.
  • The take up winch includes a double Pawl Lock Mechanism with limit switch interlocks. This allows the drum to be locked mechanically. This can be used to hold the load during normal operation in conjunction with motor brake.
  • The drive is designed as single speed system, with full torque available at 50Hz.
  • The drive has a modular construction of motor and gear unit to enable easy replacement.
  • Winch overload is evaluated by the actual current feedback and prevents raise and/or hauling operation.
  • The Take-up winch is controlled locally at the winch LCS / motor control cubicle.
  • The single-drum, single rope take up winch is manufactured to be a robust long-term take up winch.
  • The take up winch is supplied by a 3 phase + N Supply. It can be operated locally without the plant control system.