Eilbeck Cranes

Eilbeck Cranes is a 100% privately owned Australian business, globally recognized for producing the right product, through specifically meeting the clients need with customized solutions. For this reason, Eilbeck has been a first choice for many government, corporate and individual level productions, establishing long term successful relationships. Where clients are never hesitant to return for more service.

Eilbeck has been operating for over 107 years, currently with Tom Eilbeck, the third generation Eilbeck CEO operating with great engineering and business influence. This continuing the Eilbeck tradition showing everlasting reliance and continuous determination to remain the industry leader in overhead crane and winch manufacturing.

As we now expand our capabilities further into CNC machining, we become further independent being able to engineer and machine products for our leading crane and winch divisions. As Eilbeck have operated as machinists before, we are drawn back to our roots, and we can guarantee to provide accurate products which will suit your needs and work time and time again.

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