Take-up Winches

Gravity Take-up Winch

Gravity take-up winch normally operates to lift up the counterweight to relief the belt tension for maintenance or lower counterweight down for maintenance. Winch is located close to the take up tower. The rope is either connected to the counterweight or conveyor trolley through the set of sheaves.


  • Mining & Marine grade protective coating provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Enclosed controls for protection from the elements and inadvertent operation


  • Automatic disc brake and manual pawl brake system provide the safety of two independent braking systems
  • Over travel limit switch to control rope travel
  • Lifting holes of the winch make it easy to move the winch and wire rope
  • Drum cover ensures the safety of the operator around the winch


  • Helical grooved drum assists with wire rope spooling
  • Easy access on hold down areas for quick installation and relocation
  • Optional feature for better winding
    • Rope press roller
    • Rope slack rope detector
    • Rope level winder


  • Winch Capacity: Up to 40,000kg Single Line Pull
  • Multiple-line pulls available for greater capacities
  • Single and multi-layer rope winding drums
  • Robust and low maintenance design for use in mining environments
  • Customized Control System with interlock system for fail-safe operation
  • Winches designed and manufactured to Australian Standard AS1418

Exampe Take-up Winches

Counterweight Winch
8t Take-up Winch in the Gravity Take-up Tower - NCIG, Coal Export Terminal Stage 2, NSW
Counterweight Winch

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